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Hello friends. Have you had a pleasant weekend?

Mine’s been relatively idle, for once: less scurrying from places to places; more breathing, reading, thinking, writing and making (I made this for Mother’s Day, by the way). It is highly refreshing. But of course, I’ve also been browsing around the web, even stumbled across a few links I think you may be interested in…

First off, here is a reliable channel to reach out to Nepal.

I choked up a little watching this Mother’s Day commercial.

I’ve found my new girl crush.

Apparently, this is the best way to keep cut flowers fresh.

Humans of New York returned to the Met Gala. His photos have turned out to be as good as – if not better than – those of the year before.

Lightroom users, VSCO’s offering a free starter pack!

Do you know butterfly tastes everything it walks on? More weird animal facts over here.

And I’m off to make a moral bucket list. Have a good week ahead.


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