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What’s your plan for the weekend? I’m going on an island holiday, with my best friend no less. If you’d like, head over to my Instagram account. I’ll be sharing a few photos along the way.

And here are some additional links that you might enjoy:


Turtleneck hair is weird and wonderful


I’ve a thing for sweaters.

The truth is, living near the equator hasn’t stopped me from adopting this chunky species into my daily wardrobe. With (feigned) nonchalance, I often wear them under the sun and over a most-probably-already-sweat-stained shirt, as though I’ve been living in the Arctic tundra my whole life. As it is, when I recently learned of the turtleneck hair, I was intrigued.

It is extremely simple to create the hairdo: put on a sweater – preferably a turtleneck – of your choice and leave your hair tucked in. That’s it. Alternately, secure your hair in a low ponytail before hiding it in the collar of your knits. Either way, the turtleneck hair can be easily achieved in under a minute.



Glasses – High Cultured Turtleneck – H&M Pants – H&M Oxfords – Charles & Keith Rings - Lovisa

Glasses – High Cultured
Turtleneck – H&M
Pants – H&M
Oxfords – Charles & Keith
Rings – Lovisa

The result is a slightly queer, laid-back look which I like. And it makes for a pretty charming faux bob too.

So, what’s your take on the turtleneck hair? Would you give it a try?

PS I’m still figuring this whole blogging thing out. Please be very patient with me. If you’ve any suggestions for the content that you’d like to see or tips on how the layout can be improved, feel free to leave a comment. Thank you!